Friday, March 30, 2012

The Five People You Meet in Workplace

The corporate jungle is an interesting place because there are several kinds of people (who might not necessarily jive) trying to work together to achieve a common goal. And you can’t choose people you’re going to work with. You are dealing with a mix of people, both the good and the bad. Consider yourself lucky if you have cool and kind co-workers. But it’s also expected to encounter the difficult ones. Based on observations, there are five people you meet in the workplace who make the corporate life more colorful (or not).

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The Hell Boss aka Slave Driver. At the top of the list is The Hell Boss. Who has not encountered him yet? - calling in the middle of the night, asking you to come to work on weekends, giving impossible deadlines, hogs credit all to himself, or worse shouts and throws a tantrum when things don’t go his way. I often wonder if he is aware or he simply forgets the work ethics. The pressure on them is so great that’s why they probably put pressure on their subordinates as well.

How to Deal: You have to stretch your patience when dealing with this kind of boss. Talk and explain your side calmly. Avoid any clash because he is, after all, your superior. If it’s about impossible deadlines or you are overloaded with work, you have to let your boss know. Keeping an open communication line is key. But of course there is always a limitation to everything. When he shouts or swears and maligns you in any way that degrades your core being, then it’s time to call it quits. You deserve a far better treatment in a different company. You can also report his actions to the HR so that he can be reprimanded for his behavior.

The Gossiper aka Rumor Mongrel. The Gossipers thrive on exciting and juicy news about their co-workers' lives. Their day is not complete without huddling in the pantry or in some office space to gossip. If you are new to a company, just look for the gossipers and they’ll surely tell you everything you want to know about the company and its people.  Or if you want everybody to know a detail about you, just tell the gossiper and by the end of the day everybody knows you just broke up with your boyfriend.

How to Deal: You better be wary of what you say when around a gossiper. You must know what to share and what to keep private. Avoid this clique if you can, you’ll never know what they talk about you behind your back. If you’ve become a victim of their gossiping, just keep your silence especially if the chismis is not true. Just say “no, it’s not true” but you don’t need to explain to them.

The Whiner aka Complainer. There is not a single day that The Whiner is not complaining on something. Be it a small issue – the food in the cafeteria is bland or the ATM line is too long, or big issues at work – doing overtime work, complaining about the boss, getting a small pay, having demanding clients etc. Some of their issues might be legitimate but the list of things they complain about never runs out and it’s getting on your nerves. They always have something bad to say about something. These people are very draining and rob you off positive energies you need to get you going at work. Worse, their negativity rubs off on you and you can also be affected. Productivity might suffer because of this person.

How to Deal: Don’t join the complaint fest as it can lead to nowhere but sulking. Focus your energy on positive things at work. If you can’t avoid this person, change the subject whenever he starts to whine. You can also be honest and tell him in a polite way that his negativity is affecting others if not his own productivity. Try to be a positive influence on that person.

The Envious aka Green Eyed Monster. These people are hard to identify because jealousy comes in different forms. If you’re a “bibo” kid at work and you are often praised or recognized by the boss, the green eyed monsters are lurking behind thinking of ways to attack. They may justify that you are probably promoted because of being the boss’ pet or that they deserve it more than you but their work is not recognized. Aside from competing about work, they also compete with you through material possessions. The green-eyed monsters compensate their need for recognition through buying material stuff that are considered status symbols. They have to have the latest phone, gadgets, clothes etc. that you might also have.

How to Deal: You don’t have to do anything with these people. Just brush off whatever hirit they may have because you are not in a competition anyway, and you know in your heart that you are working your ass off and deserving of whatever recognition or rewards you are earning.

The Bully aka Queen Bitch.  The Bullies are easy to identify. They are normally a bunch of rowdy people hanging out together in the office. You cannot just join in their crowd without having an official “invitation” from them. They are oftentimes pushy, demanding (as if they are the boss), likes making fun of people and they often victimize new hires or meek people in the office.

How to Deal: Don’t be intimidated by a bully! Stand up and fight back (no physical violence of course)! Talk to them in a diplomatic way regarding their unacceptable manners. Remember, they only bully people who allow themselves to be bullied. 


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