Monday, March 26, 2012

Swimsuit Guide for Every Body Type


Can you feel the summer heat, dear Single Belles? It’s time to pack our bags and head to the beach or pool to cool off. But wait, do you have the perfect swimwear already? Before buying your swimsuits, it is important to know your body type first. Your choice of swimsuits should enhance your assets and conceal  your flaws. Check out our swimsuit guide for every body type to avoid swimsuit disasters.

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Apple Shape

An apple shape body is top heavy with smaller waist down. Women with apple body type have large chest or breast, broad shoulders, or generally the upper body has a larger frame compared to the bottom.

Swimsuit guide: Avoid wearing low cut tops. It is best to wear swimsuits with high neck or thick straps. Any swimsuit with support particularly at the chest will help. Swimsuits with a built-in underwire bra and skirted bottoms can be very flattering and balancing, and wide or square necked suits can narrow the shoulders. Tankinis are perfect for apple type bodies.

Pear Shape

A pear shape body is smaller on top and larger on the bottom. Women with pear body type have large hips and thighs and smaller upper body. Weight gain tends to show up around the thighs and hips. 

Swimsuit guide: Try swimsuits with a skirt or boy shorts that flatter the figure. Colors should be a dark solid on the bottom and printed or lighter color for the top to focus the attention to upper body. Or try something with an embellished bustline to draw the eye up toward your face and shoulders.

Round Shape

A round shape body has an overall rounded body shape with a wide waist. Most of the weight is around the tummy, with large breasts. Women with round body type have narrow shoulders and hips, don’t have a well defined waistline or center of the body is largest.

Swimsuit guide: Try one piece swimsuits that have small prints and patterns which can camouflage a big tummy. You can also wear a swimsuit dress or sarong to hide problem areas.

Hour Glass Shape

Hour glass shape is the much sought after body, with a curvy body type. Women with hour glass body type have similarly wide hips and shoulders but a smaller waist, a full rear and thigh, and slim and shapely lower legs. Shopping for clothes is not a hassle because the tops’ size always matches the bottoms’. 

Swimsuit guide: The best swimsuits for women with the hourglass body type tend to have halter tops, V-necks, allover prints and side details, which highlight the curves and give good accent to the waist and legs. But you’re one lucky girl! You can pretty much wear any style you want with your body type. So don’t be afraid to experiment and try various swimsuits that perfectly fit your style.

Slim or Athletic Shape

Slim or Athletic figure has a small frame in general, with little or no curves. Slim/Athletic women have small bone structures, with lower than average body fat percentage. They may be skinny, wear tall or petite sizes or have a small bust size.

Swimsuit guide: Two piece swimsuits are perfect to show off your body and will also make the body look curvier. To enhance bust size, wear push up or triangle bikini tops. Choose solid colors and avoid designs that are too detailed to make your boobs and butt pop out. Create curves by trying halter top swimsuits, twists, wraps, and skirts to add shape for a very flattering and feminine look.

Whatever body shape you have, it really takes some guts to proudly wear a swimsuit. But if you’re not too confident and still a bit shy to flaunt your assets, you can try wearing cover-ups such as shorts, skirts, summer dresses and sarongs.

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