Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Which Avengers Super Hero is Your Ideal Guy?


If you can have any of the Avengers as your boyfriend, who would you choose? Take this quiz to know which Avenger super hero is your ideal guy.

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1.  Physically, you are attracted to:
a.       Pretty boy, boy next door looking
b.      Ruggedly handsome men
c.      More mature looking, preppy, metrosexual
d.      Geeky, nerdy in a cute way but is physically buff

2.  Personality wise, you look for:
a.       Serious, calm, conservative, soft-hearted
b.      Playful, adventurous, very protective
c.      Funny, smart ass, sociable
d.      Quiet, brainiac, sincere

3.  What is the one thing that you can’t stand in men:
a.      Sentimental, can’t easily move on
b.      Mischievous
c.      Boastful, self-obsessed
d.      Moody, has a temper

4.  What trait will make your heart melt in a man?
a.       Doesn’t look at other woman, very loyal and faithful, loves one woman forever
b.      Can sacrifice himself for his girl, very protective of his girl
c.      Showers you with gifts and everything that money can buy
d.      Will fight anyone who mistreats his girl

5.   What tool or armor would you like your man to possess?
a.       Shield
b.      Hammer
c.       Robot suit
d.      No special armor just his own physical strength

If you answered mostly:

Mostly As: Captain America 


Mostly Bs: Thor


Mostly Cs: Iron Man


Mostly Ds: Hulk


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