Monday, April 30, 2012

Dating 201: How to Lose a Guy on the First Date

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There are hundreds of articles written about the dos and don’ts of dating, we'll probably be able to come up with a book. But there is really no magic formula when it comes to it. One strategy may work for Aida but maybe not for Lorna or Fe. But there are universal principles and proper etiquette in handling your dates, dear single belles! We'll let you in on some tips.
Have you experienced dating a great guy but he suddenly disappeared in your radar after the first date? You may not be aware but you might be doing something wrong. This article will give you a checklist of things you might be doing to scare the guy away. Or if you really want to avoid having a second date with the wrong guy, these tips can also be useful (haha!).

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Want to Look Younger? Tie Your Hair!


With this intense summer heat, it takes patience and super kikay powers to keep our hair down and look fabulous. Most of us are left with no choice but to chop off our locks or tie them up in a ponytail. Well before we whine, here's the great news! A Prevention beauty article shared New York-based senior stylist Nunzio Saviano's revelation that pulling hair back focuses attention on our cheekbones and gives our faces a lift! This season actually paves the way for a few years to be taken off our faces. :)

Check out how these local and international celebrities pull off their ponytails:

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Money Matters: How Financially Savvy Are You?

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Money, money, money, why do we have to talk about money? We often hear money cannot buy happiness. There's a degree of truthfulness to it. But whether we admit it or not, having money (or lack of it) has a big effect on a person’s happiness. Having money is connected to our dreams and passions. We all want to build our dream house, spend vacations around the world, help the less fortunate people to name a few. But, how can we reach our dreams if we don’t have money? It's important especially for women to be financially knowledgeable these days. Single women should be smart about handling money because gone are the days when women will just rely on their future husbands to provide for the family. That should be the case unless your main goal in life is to marry what we commonly refer to as the 4M kind of guy – Matandang Mayamang Madaling Mamatay. :)

The question now is, how financially savvy are you? Normally, we acquire our spending and money habits from our parents or anyone we grew up with. The people around us highly influence us on how we handle our money. The issue is that they don’t really teach money matters in school. So whether your parents' financial habits are right or wrong, it is highly likely you'll adopt those which you have been exposed to. Due to lack of financial literacy, a lot of people have wrong spending habits or acquired misconceptions on money matters.

If you think you have financial issues or you don’t know if you’re spending or investing your money the right way, here are a few tips on gaining financial literacy.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to Keep an Attitude of Gratitude

Have you said "Thank You" today?
With so many things happening around us today, distractions abound. We may find ourselves running from one task to another, often spreading ourselves too thinly and losing track of the essentials. If this continues, we won't be surprised to find ourselves sighing at the end of the day or engaging in another ranting session. That's exactly what we need to avoid. 

Cliche as it may sound, everyday is a gift. The opportunity to spend another 24 hours alive is reason enough to celebrate. Law of Attraction experts remind us that the sooner we realize this and the more we incorporate the feeling of being thankful for each day, we'll notice that more good things happen. So, how exactly are we supposed to shift our ways? Here are our simple suggestions:

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