Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to Keep an Attitude of Gratitude

Have you said "Thank You" today?
With so many things happening around us today, distractions abound. We may find ourselves running from one task to another, often spreading ourselves too thinly and losing track of the essentials. If this continues, we won't be surprised to find ourselves sighing at the end of the day or engaging in another ranting session. That's exactly what we need to avoid. 

Cliche as it may sound, everyday is a gift. The opportunity to spend another 24 hours alive is reason enough to celebrate. Law of Attraction experts remind us that the sooner we realize this and the more we incorporate the feeling of being thankful for each day, we'll notice that more good things happen. So, how exactly are we supposed to shift our ways? Here are our simple suggestions:

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  • Say "Thank You."  Express yourself in words by saying "Thank you" to people who deserve your gratitude no matter how small their acts of love or kindness may be.  Letting others know you  appreciate them or what they have done to you will ignite a positive feeling and possibly start the ripples of gratitude. 
  • Keep a gratitude journal.  Maintaining a gratitude journal is like having a vitamin kit within reach. Whenever we are down or hitting low moments in life, the gratitude journal is what we can instantly run to. Seeing a list of the things that made us feel good or positive will provide us with the extra boost we need.  All you have to do is jot down the things that you feel thankful for during the day (no matter how simple). You may add smileys and doodles to keep the feeling alive. Our journals will serve as our guide in appreciating the simplest things around us.  When we give ourselves the task to fill up a space in the journal at the end of the day, we will be more conscious of things around us and watchful of every moment that brings us joy. Before we realize it, appreciation for the simplest things (e.g. driving without traffic or finding a P100-bill you completely forgot about neatly tucked in your pocket) will come out naturally. 
  • Visualize your blessings. While it is often advised to start the day with mental pictures of our goals or the things we want to happen, we believe it is also crucial to end the day in a similar manner. This time, focus should be on the positive things that transpired. Right before going to sleep, keep happy thoughts and play back in your mind all the wonderful reasons to feel grateful. Visualize as if you are watching a film inside your head. This daily habit trains you in the process and aids in giving you a more relaxed sleep. 
  • Utter a silent prayer. No matter what your faith is, it is most important to express your gratitude to the One who makes all the good things possible. A simple thank you uttered in silence will surely mean so much. This simple exercise will hopefully inspire you to pay it forward and be an instrument in doing things others will also be thankful for.

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