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Bianca Gonzalez: Learnings from a Supergirl

Image: Bianca Gonzalez's Official Facebook fan page (Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited photo)
TV and print personality Bianca Gonzalez solidified her celebrity status when she joined the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition in 2005. The reality series stint contributed a lot to her being a household name today. Since then, we were able to witness the developments in terms of her relationships, career, and life in general. We find it inspiring to have seen her build confidence in the hosting field and grow as an individual through various endeavors. And when it comes to love, we recognize her wisdom and maturity. We can  recall there was a phase in her life she was always interviewed about her thoughts on love and moving on. Now that she's in a happy relationship, we're convinced she's a perfect life peg for all the single girls out there.

Read on as we bring you the top 5 life learnings we got from Bianca and her personal thoughts on singlehood and relationships.:)

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As we shared in a previous article, there are so many reasons girls shouldn't feel sad about being single. It's a great time to make things better in all aspects of our lives. It may not seem like it but singlehood provides us with the chance to feel complete with or without romantic love.

If you're wondering what we can do to strike that balance, let's check out the top 5 things we learned from Bianca. Her energy and attitude in life should serve as an inspiration to every Single Belle. :)  
Images: Bianca Gonzalez's Official Facebook fan page (KTexts)
Treat yourself well. One should realize that the way you treat yourself becomes the basis of how others will treat you. Once in a while, just go ahead and have your much-needed me-time. Learn how to be comfortable with silence and doing things alone. You should also never forget that while you practice discipline in terms of taking care of yourself, it wouldn't hurt to also indulge from time to time. 
Images: Bianca Gonzalez's Official Facebook fan page (KTexts)
Pursue your passions (even just as hobbies!). Bianca has often shared her belief in the saying, "Pursue your passion as your profession and you will never have to work a single day in your life." Not everyone may be fortunate to earn a living by doing what they love but that reality shouldn't be a hindrance to do what we really want to do even just on the side. Just like Bianca who fondly calls herself a supergirl wannabe with all the things she does, anyone has the potential to be good in multitasking and time management. If you really want something, you'll make time for it. Whether that's baking, blogging, makeup artistry, or photography, utilize your free time to pursue it. You'll never know the joy and sense of fulfillment you may actually gain unless you take action. 
Images: Bianca Gonzalez's Official Facebook fan page (KTexts) & (uploaded by @rajolaurel)
Explore the world. Look at it like the world is your playground. Being single grants you the luxury of having more time to see different places, meet interesting people, and learn and experience new things. Exposure to a new place or culture leaves you with a richer perspective each time. Maximize this opportunity, SB!:)
Images: Bianca Gonzalez's Official Facebook fan page (KTexts)
Be socially aware and active. We have said so much about pampering yourself and addressing your needs. But we all know the world isn't just about you and your journey to a better life. The best way to pay it forward with your blessings in life (no matter how small they may seem to be) is to reach out to others. Finding time to contribute to a worthy cause shouldn't be about making yourself feel better and less guilty. It is your chance to make a difference by touching and possibly changing lives. 
Images: Bianca Gonzalez's Official Facebook fan page (KTexts) & Twitter (@iamsuperbianca)
Find time for family and friends. The moment you get into a relationship, you're also committing to giving a large amount of your time for your special someone. This would mean less time for family and friends. So while you're still single, grab the opportunity to spend quality time with the people who matter most. 

Bianca Speaks. Here are some bits of wisdom from the Supergirl herself! 

SB: Through the years, what's the most significant lesson/discovery you've had about being in a relationship?
Bianca: You really must never forget to love yourself more. Hold on to your core values, don't let love be a distraction, instead it must be an inspiration, and do what makes you happy. When you are whole and happy, you will be able to take care of your partner and your relationship better.

SB: How do you think single girls can best prepare themselves for dating or getting into a relationship?
Bianca: Be whole first. Don't get into a relationship to fill a void. Be happy with yourself

SB:  Any inspiring message or valuable tips for single girls?
Bianca: You are unique and you deserve love. You deserve a man who will love you the way you need to be loved. Love your family and friends and the man will follow. Nothing is more attractive than a happy, secure, confident woman. :)

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