Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Single's Guide: Dreaded Questions Part 1

Hello Single Belles! I’m sure all of us have encountered at one point or another people who ask about the touchy subjects -- weight, age, and love life. Tired of dealing with such awkward situations? We’ve come up with suggestions on how to answer annoying questions and hopefully put an end to the tactlessness. For now, allow us to deal with one of the major concerns – the weight issue. (Love life questions deserve their own spotlight.)

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The Weight Edition

In parties or reunions, people always seem to notice if you’ve gained or lost weight.  And some of them just cannot keep their observations to themselves. Instead of asking how we are or noticing our newly dyed hair, we get bombarded by, “Tumataba ka yata?,” “Bakit ang taba mo ngayon?,” or “Ang taba mo, ano bang ginawa mo?” All it takes is two seconds for them to ruin our day. No amount of sugarcoating (if they even consider that) lessens the discomfort the questions bring.  Seriously, what’s the need for us to confirm what they already see? Don’t they consider our feelings when blurting out these questions? (Well, we guess not! And don’t even tell us they’re just THAT curious)

Well, on one hand, we think the answer to the dreaded questions will largely depend on who you’re talking to. If he or she is an older relative or anybody superior to you, we suggest answering in a respectful manner and refraining from sarcastic remarks. The best answer to that question is an acceptance of current state while making an action plan -“Oo nga po, don’t worry I’m doing something about it. I’ll be hitting the gym soon.” That would probably put an end to the issue unlike if you contradict what they said. At the same time, that’s another way of uplifting your self-esteem knowing you can do something about it. But words are not enough. You really have to do something about it. Be sure to commit to gym time and just think of the next reunion.  Visualize how you’ll wow everyone with a slimmer you! 

On the other hand, things are a little different if the question was thrown at you by an annoying cousin, friend, or colleague. Turn things around by tapping your sense of humor and ease your way out of the awkward (not to mention humiliating) situation. Here are some witty responses we have in mind:

  • Ah oo, sasali kasi ako sa Biggest Loser. Ilang pounds na lang kulang. Ikaw, gusto mo 'ko samahan?
  • Hindi mo ba alam yan ang uso ngayon?
  • Alam mo, ikaw din!:) (high five!)
  • Ano ka ba, baby fats lang yan.
  • Pakialam mo?:) 
  • Si Adele ang peg ko!
  • Talaga? Hindi lang ikaw nagsabi nyan!
  • Naka-sale kasi yung mga XL na damit sa ____ (fill in your favorite brand). Sayang naman, hinahabol ko para kasya.
  • Ah ganyan talaga pag nakakaluwag-luwag ngayon sa buhay.:)
  • Nakakain na kasi  ako ng tatlong beses sa isang araw!
  • Daanin na lang natin sa mukha!:)
  • Curvy is the new sexy!
  • Sssshhh. Huwag ka ngang maingay. Baka mahalata pa ng iba. 
  • Wow, nahiya naman ako, ang payat mo eh!:)
  • Don't speak bad words! :)

SB asks:
Can you think of other possible remarks? 
Please send us your suggestions! We’d love to hear from you!:) 
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