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Hazel Chua: What She Gained from Losing!

Images: Hazel Chua's Facebook fan page & Good Housekeeping Jan-Feb 2012 (Summit Media)
The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition was certainly a primetime hit in 2011. In the span of a few months, a bunch of weight loss challengers instantly became household names. Apart from their astounding physical changes, what really struck us in the program were their amazing  transformations in life. One particular journey had a huge impact on us throughout the season - that of Hazel Chua's. Her story mirrored the struggles of ordinary single girls, overweight or not.

Read on to discover her journey and get a few fitness and life tips.
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Images: Hazel Chua's & Haffy's (Hazel Chua & Raffy Tan) Facebook fan pages 
Hazel Chua was a 22-year old registered nurse when she entered the Biggest Loser camp last year. Even with a starting weight of 206 pounds, she already stood out with a pretty face. However, during that time, the  timid contestant from Naga City seemed clueless about her charm. She lacked confidence and was quite unaware that some of the boys secretly raved about her. One of them couldn't believe she was "SSB" (Single Since Birth) while another referred to her as one of the most beautiful girls he has ever met in his life.

Hazel was proof that real beauty shines through. And shedding off pounds and coming out of her shell only enhanced it. Similarly, she was a living testament of finding true love when you're least expecting. At the beginning, she expressed hope in improving the state of her lovelife once the weight game is over but love found its way sooner. In the course of her BL journey, Hazel met Raffy Tan. The fellow contestant (also one who appreciated her beauty early on!) and constant source of motivation during the program eventually became her boyfriend. Theirs is an inspiring love story of two people who brought out and continue to bring out the best in each other. They are a reminder that it is possible to find someone who will embrace your flaws and celebrate you for who you are. 
Images: Hazel Chua's Facebook fan page & official Twitter account
Just like any battle, Hazel had her share of ups and downs in the reality show. She was booted out of the game more than halfway through but managed to get back and finish it off as part of the Fab 5. Truly amazing, we must say. With a 33% total weight loss percentage in the end, Hazel showed that as long as you keep your sight on the goal and grab a second or third chance when you get it, you will get to where you want to be. Additionally, going out of her comfort zone and stretching herself to the limits were major factors that contributed to her victory.
Images: Hazel Chua's Facebook fan page and Hazel's & Raffy's official Twitter accounts 
As a former single belle (well, technically, she still is!), Hazel serves as an inspiration to many who could identify with her story, both as a girl who simply dreamed of finding love and a woman determined to be the best version of herself

By finally taking a shot at losing weight, Hazel earned herself an improved life.  She gained her  chance at love, new relationships, and exciting adventures. Most importantly, she learned the lesson each of us should take to heart - loving yourself is the key to loving others and being loved in return.  

Here's the full transcript of Hazel's inspiring speech at The BLPE Presentation Ball. It was an emotion-filled event during the latter part of the season where Hazel's family first saw her huge weight loss. 
Images: Hazel Chua's Facebook fan page & ABS-CBN screenshot
"Good evening, everyone. Before the Biggest Loser came into my life, I considered myself having the "ugly duckling" syndrome. Most of the time i just wanted to be invisible, I was tired of hearing or seeing people making fun of me. Nandun na'ko sa punto ng buhay ko na tanggap ko na na forever na ako magiging matabaPero, dumating 'yung Biggest Loser and little by little, I gained my confidence. Now, I can face a crowd without covering or hiding behind something. And siguro, pinakaimportanteng natutunan ko sa camp, natutunan kong mahalin yung sarili koAt dahil dun, natuto akong magmahal at mahalin. Hindi magiging posible ang lahat ng ito kung hindi dahil sa programang ito. Thank you very, very much for changing my life."

Ready to Mingle. Below is a short interview Hazel graciously granted us for all of you, Single Belles! 

Images: Hazel Chua's Facebook fan page & Good Housekeeping Jan-Feb 2012 (Summit Media)
SB: How has your life changed since the physical and emotional transformation?
Hazel: Being on the show was like a rollercoaster ride. We've gone through emotional and physical pain but it was all worth it and wouldn't change a thing. I became happier and gained my self-confidence. I am able now to face the world with a positive outlook.:)
(Leftmost) Actor Xian Lim was Hazel's partner in a 2010 wedding entourage
Images: Hazel Chua's & Ryan Tan's official Twitter accounts
SB: How do you maintain your slim figure?
Hazel: I still go to the gym everyday and work out for at least an hour. I still watch what I eat and apply the things we learned inside the camp.:)
Hazel and Raffy's fans coined the term HaFFY and the two adopted the name for their joint business venture: the HEALTHY HAFFY MAKI 
Images: Ryan Tan's official Twitter account & Haffy's Facebook fan page
SB: With all the changes and new experiences, what else do you aim to do or wish to achieve?
Hazel: Though I'm happier now, I still want to achieve a healthier and sexier me.:) I want to prove to everyone that though our camp life is over, we won't return to our old selves. We want to show everyone that we won't waste the second chance in life that was given to us.:)
Images: Hazel Chua's Facebook fan pages and Hazel Chua's official Twitter account
SB: Any motivational tips for girls struggling with weight and confidence issues?
Hazel: Girls, losing weight won't be easy. But really, the only formula to a healthier and happier you is proper diet and exercise. Mix it with discipline and focus and you'll be getting that body and confidence very soon. Try to run at least 3 times a week with a distance of 3km, no walking.:)  Eat more veggies and fish. So girls, you can do it. Just believe in yourself.:) be haFFY and have fun while doing it.:) If you want more tips on weight loss, just tweet me with your questions and I'll be very much willing to answer.:) @chazechua :)

Images: Hazel Chua's Facebook fan pages and Hazel Chua's official Twitter account
Hazel Chua's official Twitter account
Image: Raffy Tan's Facebook fan page
SB: From being SSB, what was your biggest discovery or learning on being in a relationship?
Hazel: I discovered that it's not always like what we see on fairytales. It's not gonna be perfect but when you do find that special person, those bumps on the road won't matter as long as you're together and making an effort for the relationship to be perfect.:)
Images: Hazel Chua's & Haffy's Facebook fan pages
SB: What do you think Single Belles can do to prepare themselves for dating or getting into a relationship?
Hazel: You know what's weird, for the longest time, I was the one giving love advice to my friends. I thought that when that special person comes, I'd be ready for him but I wasn't. I found myself clueless. For me, you really don't have to prepare yourself. If that person loves you, he'll accept and love even your weirdness.:) Be yourself and everything will come out naturally.;)
Images: Raffy Tan's official Twitter account
Image: Raffy Tan's Facebook fan page

SB: Any message or advice for Single Belles out there?
Hazel: Girls, don't rush. Great things happen to those who wait.:) If your Mr. Right hasn't found you yet, don't worry.  I believe that God is preparing the best love story for you.:)


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