Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hello there, Single Belle
We’re K, C, and P. Welcome to our little online space which we wish to share with you. Our not-so-secret sisterhood is open to everyone! Whether you’re single by choice or you’re left with no choice (just kidding!), we’re here for you. 
In this social media culture where everyone’s dating, getting engaged, and getting married right before our very eyes, some may feel an inner panic. Don’t worry, there’s a whole bunch of other girls who feel the exact same pressure. And instead of wallowing in a society-imposed pity party, we should relish the fact that this is the best chance for ME time.  All we have to think of for now is ourselves – what we want and what will make us truly happy! So together, let’s embrace the freedom and work on having exciting adventures every single day.

Always remember: You may be single but you don’t have to be alone. :-)

We got your back, SB! Tight Hug!:)

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